Posted by Lyndsey on Thursday, March 3, 2011

We absolutely love weddings! We also absolutely love others who love our weddings! Ok. Perhaps that was confusing. What I meant to say was... We are mentioned in another blog! Whoo!

Here, you can see Erin and J.D. as they enjoy their special day!


As the new year begins, we are busy arranging, coordinating, and planning weddings for our clients. We haven't forgotton about our blog! We are so happy to be so busy! Many blessings to our brides, their families, and our future clients. Look for us to be much more active in the coming year. We have several topics to address. Many of these topics have sprung from the questions we are asked from clients, brides, grooms, and others. First up, we'll talk about how wedding coordinators and wedding planners can actually SAVE you money when budgeting for the big day!


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