Betsy, Lyndsey, Lori = Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass

Betsy, from PtoP, was God sent! We could not have asked for a better wedding planner and someone to help us make our big day come to life. Coming in late in the game after another wedding planner back out on us for business reasons, she came in and picked up the pieces and ran with it. From our first meeting all we got was the utmost professionalism. I could tell she really wanted to know exactly what my vision was and was totally willing to look through photo after photo of what I wanted. She understood I was a visual learner and worked to help my vision become a reality. She was great at telling me what was realistic, what was achievable and what was beyond our budget (something we asked her to do, we needed someone to keep up in the black). She connected us to great vendors, worked around our schedule, came to every meeting I asked her to, would jump in if I wasn't communicating what we were looking for clearly and thought of everything we needed and all the things we didn't think of as well. She would keep us on track and make sure things got done! Her endless emails were awesome! She was the glue that held us together at some points! She was great at working with my mother, my husband, my mother in law and everyone in between. We all loved her! In the week leading up to our big day she was fabulous. Constantly checking in and giving me updates. She checked the weather, had back up plans and made sure that every vendor knew what was going on. She made sure everything went smoothly and even was out at our venue the day before setting up with her colleagues. The day of our wedding she was wonderful! She and her assistant helped us get every photo we wanted, made sure we ate at the reception, calmed my nerves when cameras broke, had back up plan after back up plan and even at one point discussed sewing me into my dress when my hook and eye broke. Betsy was in the trenches and was fabulous every second of the day. Not to mention professional and wonderful to all our guests. At the end of it all looking back, both my husband, my mother and I would say that if you don't get anything else, get yourself a wedding planner. Find it somewhere in your budget! Don't get the second beer choice or forget the flowers in the church windows. Forgo somethings to find the money for a wedding planner, because at the end of the day she is what made our day magical. I have no doubt that without her it would never have come together as perfectly as it did. And when you find the money for a wedding planner, don't hire anyone else but these women! I have met all of them and they are wonderful. You couldn't go wrong with any of them. You won't only hire a wedding planner, you'll hire the person who helps you keep your sanity and be in your corner. I am so glad I had Betsy to help me with my wedding and I am so glad to have gained a friend in the process. These ladies are one in a million! Hire them!

~E.M. 2018

Two thirds of the way into my wedding planning process I decided to hire a day-of coordinator. The venue I selected included an on-site coordinator but it quickly became apparent that she there for the venue's best interest not my own. I researched several local coordinators before contacting Planned to Perfection to see if they were available on our day. Lyndsey quickly responded that she was available and would love to assist with anything I needed. I am so thankful that I decided to hire the extra coordinator. Lyndsey went above and beyond to make our day a stress-free event that was enjoyable for all. She was a rockstar at getting all my other vendors where they needed to be and worked behind the scenes to fix a few mishaps without them ever coming to my attention. She is great at setting a timeline everyone can stick to. We walked down the aisle exactly on time even after some buttons popping off my dress (she sewed them back on lightening fast) and my MOH spilling a drink down her dress when we were lining up for the procession to start (Lyndsey recommended a blow dryer and calm attitude). I will absolutely hire her again if we decide to host another event in the future (vow renewal in 5 years anyone? lol). Thank you Planned to Perfection!

~B&F 2015

We decided to hire a day of wedding planner to help us organize and execute our big day! I had originally planned to do it myself, but found myself stressed over making a timeline and getting everything organized the day of the wedding. I worked with Betsy at Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass. She was very flexible, she met with me several times and was willing to work around my schedule as I live out of town. Each time we met I was put at ease knowing that my wedding was in great hands with Betsy! Making the timeline was easy with her knowledge and expertise. The week of the wedding she contacted all of my vendors and organized the details of their arrival and role in our wedding day. Betsy also spent the day of our wedding making sure every single detail at the church and reception venue were exactly the way I wanted them, and everything turned out perfectly! I definitely recommend Planned to Perfection, they are professional, easy to work with, and have great experience that helps you relax and enjoy your big day! 


I cannot say enough good things about Lyndsey & Betsy at Planned to Perfection! I hired them as day-of coordinators because I knew they had experience at our venue (Buffalo Trace Distillery), and I was so happy with everything that they provided. Before the event, I had a few phone calls with Lyndsey where she made sure I was on track and reminded me of several things I hadn't thought of. I used their list of recommended vendors a bunch of different times, which was great because I'm not from the area. A few weeks before the event they got all the contact info for our vendors and reached out so they would be super prepared on our wedding day. I wasn't expecting that, and it took a big weight off my shoulders!  Lyndsey handled our rehearsal and kept everything short and on point. The day of, they set up the space beautifully and made sure all our vendors were there. At the event, my family and I had a few different questions or requests, and every time we went to them Lyndsey and Betsy had the answers or dealt with the issue immediately. They anticipated everything! For example, when I was worried not everyone would fit on the last shuttle, they had a count of the remaining guests and assured me everything would be fine. I had a great time, and I got a ton of compliments from my family that they were the best planners they had ever seen!  Overall, we were super pleased with how professional, nice and on top of everything Lyndsey and Betsy were. We felt like they were a great value and we were so happy to have hired them!

~S&J 2014

If you are a control freak like me you might think you can do all of the wedding planning and coordinating on your own. I was so against the idea of having a wedding coordinator because I wanted to be in complete control and it was my mom's idea so I instantly rejected the idea.THANK GOODNESS I reconsidered. After meeting with Lyndsey from Planned Perfecrion of the Bluegrass it was clear that I needed her. She mentioned several things that I had not even thought of yet for the wedding day. It was also very clear that the wedding image I had in mind would still be carried through. She wasn't going to talk me into anything I didn't want but was going to help bring my dream wedding to life! She knows the wedding business inside and out. She will think of things that you wouldn't have thought of until the day of the wedding if you didn't have her. Her eye for detail is amazing. She always has helpful suggestions if you're stuck. She also has tons of suggestions on how to save money. She knows sooooo many wedding vendors around the area and as soon as those vendors know you're working with her they go above and beyond because the reputation Lyndsey has among the wedding community. On the day of the wedding she was amazing. I did not have to worry about one thing. Everything went so smoothly and I was able to soak up the day and truly enjoy myself and my husband. I cannot imagine not having her through the entire process but especially on the day of the wedding. Can you imagine instead of getting your hair and makeup done and hanging out with your bridesmaids having to wait for the vendors to arrive and tell every one of them where stuff needs to go and decorate all morning and having to line the wedding party up and keep track of when the cake needs to be cut instead of enjoying the day you've dreamt about your entire life? I did not have to worry about any details on the day of the wedding and did not even feel like I needed to check how the venue looked before the reception started because I knew Lyndsey had everything under control and knew how I wanted everything to look. I thought I could do it all on my own. Thank goodness I listened to my mom for once! lol. Even my dad said Lyndsey was the best money we spent throughout the entire wedding process. She seriously is a MUST HAVE for your wedding day. I could go on and on. Not only is she an amazing wedding planner, she is also an amazing person.

~ H.B. 2017

Planned to Perfection was absolutely wonderful. They helped me throughout the entire process making my wedding come to life. Betsy and Lyndsey were knowledgeable and provided great ideas/ suggestions along with contacts that fit my budget. They kept me organized making sure I was following the appropriate timeline for everything. I was beyond thankful for them the day of the wedding! They were so amazing, and my wedding wouldn't have been what it was without them! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

~ E.&E.2015

Betsy and I worked together for over 15 months to make the special day come together and she delivered flawlessly! If there was a hiccup, I still don't know about it because she made sure everything ran smoothly. She provided "day of" services, but really she went above and beyond to provide more. Betsy made sure all the vendors were coordinated for time and delivery and kept our day running smoothly. A fantastic lady who provided a fantastic service. Thank you Betsy, I could not have done it without you!

~ J.E. 2016

I highly recommend Lyndsey and Betsy -- our wedding was so organized and enjoyable because of them! They worked hard to ensure that our big day was absolutely perfect, and it was!

~ L.&D. 2015

Lyndsey was an absolute lifesaver! We chose Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass to provide day-of services for our wedding. We met with Lyndsey twice prior to our wedding to make a timeline, give vendor information, and answer questions that I didn't even know I should be prepared for (she was also there for me anytime over-the-phone). She helped coordinate our rehearsal and was available to me from the time I woke up on my wedding day! When it started to rain on our outdoor ceremony the moment we were seating our parents, she and Betsy pulled everything back together and quickly flipped our indoor reception space into a ceremony space as well. I can't say enough about how truly wonderful Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass is and the outstanding service they provide!! I would choose them 1,000 times over and recommend them to any bride seeking planning or coordination services!

~K.D. 2015 

I can't begin to express how wonderful it was to work with Lyndsey Calico and Betsy Lowe and their business Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass! This wedding was successfully choreographed in seven and a half months. From the very first meeting to the wedding day, their guidance and knowledge helped us to survive what is typically a most stressful process. Their calm reassurance, their experienced eye and their ability to skillfully produce a wedding that flowed so smoothly it was a pleasure to attend! The wedding was beautiful, the reception was flawless and I heard nothing but compliments all evening. 

Our minister, Kent Gilbert, was especially complimentary of Betsy and how her calmness helped to instill a joyfulness in the midst of chaos and still keeping to the timeline! He commented that in the past, his experience with wedding planners has never been this pleasant! He specifically requested their business information, which I have already given to him! 

Hiring Lyndsey and Betsy was the best decision I made!


Thanks for everything! The entire weekend was just magical. Everything went seamlessly, and so much of that was thanks to your efforts.  Thank you for all you did for us to make our wedding the perfect night

~K&A 2012

Thank you so much for all of your hard work as our day of coordinator. You were absolutely wonderful to work with, and we were so grateful that you were able to help make our day so great. Thank you for making sure that everything ran smoothly. The day turned out wonderful. Thank you once more!!

~H&C 2014

We cannot thank Lori enough for her hard work and going above and beyond in planning our wedding!!!! She was our saving grace and made our wedding a dream come true!!! She made sure everything was exactly how I wanted and even knew how to keep me calm and relaxed!!! Lori and Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass are the VERY BEST!!!!!!!!

~H.T. 2017

Betsy was absolutely incredible. Our wedding went off without a hitch and Betsy was there at every step of the way. We are both working professionals that travel frequently and were planning our KY wedding from DC. Betsy was flexible in every way, working with us via telephone, email, and text. Everything went smoothly the day of and our guests have raved about the wedding ever since. She has great relationships with several vendors which we thought really helped keep everything low stress and running smoothly. I could not recommend Betsy and her team enough.

~R.P. 2017

Planned to Perfection was wonderful! We worked with Lyndsey and she saved our sanity! We got married at Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, but living in Chicago we didn't know much about Kentucky's wedding scene. We agreed that hiring Lyndsey to coordinate our wedding was one of our smartest moves we made. She was indispensable and we view hiring her as a huge gift to ourselves. Lyndsey was warm and kind, replied quickly and knowledgeably to all of our questions, and remained a calm, reassuring and loving presence through the entire planning process through to the day of. We were so relieved to not have to "deal with" all of the details the day of our wedding: she executed everything with intelligence, intuition (I honestly thought I'd have to answer so many questions that day and I didn't! She just knew!!) and a "cool as a cucumber" demeanor. At the end of the night, tipsy and sweaty from dancing, we asked what we needed to do to to "break down" and she said "Nothing. It's all done. We got it, go home!" And if there were ever more magical words I have not heard them. :) We loved her and highly recommend hiring Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass so that you might have the same help and services!

~K.R. 2016

My number one advice for planning a wedding having just finished planning a wedding? Hire a day of wedding coordinator. Do not think that you or your friend can manage the day of coordination. A day of coordinator is a life saver. They'll make sure that your only concern on your wedding day is getting married. My number one advice for Kentucky (Lexington area) brides? Hire Planned to Perfection. Betsy with Planned to Perfection was amazing. I know there were issues that occurred on the day of my wedding, but you know what? I didn't (and don't) know about them. Betsy made sure that any issues were solved. She made sure my vision and dream became reality. Walking into my reception space was the most jaw dropping experience. She put out all of my centerpieces, set up my escort cards, guest book table, directed the florist and the baker, she solved problems big and small. She moved chairs. Honestly, Betsy moved mountains to make sure I was happy. Planned to Perfection knows the wedding business. They know the vendors to use. They know the questions to ask. They have a timeline that they customize to your wedding. Betsy was extremely responsive even when she was on vacation! She answered phone calls, emails, and texts. Even though she was a day of coordinator, that's a misleading nomenclature. She actually met with my now husband, mom, and myself a month before the wedding in person and spent FOUR HOURS (FOUR!!!) going over every detail of our day. She took over everything the week before the wedding and touch based with all vendors. If I had a question anytime before the wedding, she was there to answer it. She was a big reason why our wedding was so amazing. She has extremely competitive pricing for the area, but I think she's the best day of coordinator in Kentucky. Hire Planned to Perfection... you won't regret it! Money well spent in my book..

~E.C. 2015

Planned to perfection of the bluegrass is simply amazing. There is no way I could have pulled off my wedding without them. They eased any stress I had and handled everything the day of my wedding. I'm so thankful for Lyndsey, and grateful Betsy was also there the day of the help things go smoothly. I would highly recommend them. They will make the whole process so much easier and they are amazing gals!! 

~M.S. 2015

Words cannot express how awesome Betsy and Lyndsey are.  I had 4 events over 3 days for my "wedding festival" and these 2 gals coordinated everything from transportation, decorations, food, music, tents, flowers, lighting, toilets, and even golf carts (best idea ever).  They worked with staff at Woodford Reserve, Keeneland and, and the Headley Whitney museum to ensure all events went off without a hitch. They are creative and can handle and fix any situation with calmness and ease. As a bride you want them by your side. You need a team that stays calm and carries on and never lets a bride know that their are any problems. And when there is a problem (which there always is something) they fix it and make it better than it was going to be.  They are on it and that is what you want from your wedding planners. They are super organized and have so many creative and beautiful ideas. As a former producer for The Oprah Winfrey show I expect nothing but the best and that is exactly what Betsy and Lyndsey will always give you. They made my dream wedding come to life. Without them I could not have pulled it all together. 

~J&M 2012

Lyndsey and Betsy of Planned to Perfection saved my life (metaphorically ^_^). I hired them as day of coordinators, but they helped with so much more. They helped arrange and pick up flowers, they called all of my vendors, and they were there for me through months of planning. Also, their rates are so great, and so reasonable. They take their jobs seriously, and they do them well.

~MBW 2012

We hired PtoP less than a month before our wedding to help us with the day-of coordination and it was one of the best decisions we made! Julia was able to meet with us on short notice a few weeks before and helped us nail down all the final details, a lot of which we had not even considered. On the day of the wedding, we only had to show up and enjoy the day. Julia worked so hard to make sure everything went perfectly - and it did!

~C.F. 2019

If you have hesitation to hire a wedding coordinator, I would say do it. It was the best decision I made when it came to wedding planning, despite me originally not wanting to spend the extra money. Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass is very reasonably priced and definitely worth every penny. I got to work with both Lyndsey and Betsy for my wedding, and they were absolutely fantastic and definitely knew their stuff. Me and my now husband had a long engagement, but they were there from the beginning to the end despite just being hired for "day of". They would answer any questions I had, guided me in my vendors and any wedding decisions I had to make, planned my wedding timeline, met with me several times prior to my wedding, contacted all my vendors one week prior to my wedding, were at my rehearsal, and were at my wedding all day and night even helping my family to clean up afterwards. Because of them, I knew everything was taken of. So if you are looking for wedding coordinator, I would definitely advise you to pick Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass. They definitely live up to their name. Because of them, my wedding was absolutely perfect and was everything I had ever dreamed it to be. Thank you Lyndsey and Betsy for everything!

~ K&B 2016

Absolutely fabulous to work with!!! Couldn't have done it without Lyndsey!! She made the day before and day of absolutely stress free!!

~L.S. 2016

Betsy was incredible! Our only regret was that we didn't book the full wedding planning package. She went above and beyond what we asked for on all accounts. We could not have been happier! Thank you, Betsy!!

~J&E 2016

Lifesaver! Lyndsey was so amazing to work with! She was always open to hearing my ideas andhow I could make them work throughout my wedding! My timeline could not have ran smoother! Thanks!

~E&J 2016

We used Planned Perfection of the Bluegrass as more of a day-of coordinator. We could not have been more happy. Lyndsey answered every e-mail quickly and gave me the amount of direction I needed. I left a lot of the smaller details up to her and she did a wonderful job. Even though it rained all day and we ended up having to have our ceremony inside our guests said that they never would have known it was our back-up plan because everything was so perfect. We would definitely recommend their services to any couple!

~C&J 2015

Lyndsey was INCREDIBLE! We were going back and forth about having a day of coordinator, but it is truly worth every penny! We met a couple times before the big day to stay on track with plans and keep each other updated with what was done and needed to get done. As a bride I felt so at peace, knowing Lyndsey knew all my plans and would execute them well. The day of went so smoothly and guests had a blast! Cannot thank Lyndsey enough for all the work she put in and the way she cared for me and my wedding day. If you're going back and forth I 110% recommend going with Planned to Perfection..

~K.S. 2015

One of the first decisions we made for our wedding was that we wanted a planner because we wanted (and we wanted our moms!) to be able to focus on enjoying the day without the stress of figuring out logistics or coordinating things. We talked to several planners but I got a good feeling after talking to Lyndsey. Working with Lyndsey and Planned to Perfection was the BEST decision we made and out of all the money we spent, this was worth every penny! Lyndsey helped me every step of the way from choosing a venue to choosing other vendors to handling day-of events and coordinating what everyone needed to do. I could not have asked for a better person to work with. She handled lists and kept everything on track and on time and thought of things I would definitely have forgotten. We got so many compliments on how smoothly everything went and I have to give all of the credit to Lyndsey. I truly spent my day not having to worry about a single thing because I knew it was all planned, and Lyndsey could handle any last minute items (which she did, and I didn't have to worry about!). Lyndsey is totally a professional who knows what she is doing and I would trust her with anything! It was an amazing day and I can't thank her enough!

~T.W. 2015

Since many aspects of my wedding were "DIY" and the reception was being catered by my mother, I decided to help relieve some burden by hiring a day of coordinator. I could not be any happier with this decision! I met with Betsy and Lyndsey about six months for my wedding to go over the initial plans and to discuss details and expectations. They stayed in touch through the entire planning process and were always very accessible for any questions I had for them.  As the wedding date got closer, my mother and I again met with Betsy and she patiently and meticulously went through each and every detail of the day with me, concisely and courtesy answered my every question, and provided us with "best practices" ideas and suggestions from her experience over the years. At our wedding rehearsal, Betsy was courteous and direct with attendants, making sure each understood their role for the following day. She also respectfully worked closely with our priest to make sure he was set and comfortable, as he was a visiting priest to that parish. In addition to the bridal party, Betsy was attentive to the needs of our older guests, ensuring they were seated in a pew up front where there were no kneelers they could potentially trip over and fall. As a highly detailed bride, I had prepared myself to take the advice of countless other brides before me to not "freak out" when something didn't go as planned on my big day. However, my preparation was not needed, as my wedding day was beyond flawless thanks to all the hard work of Planned to Perfection of the Bluegrass. Betsy arrived in the morning and immediately attended to a list of requests from my mother, accompanied me to the church to fluff my veil and make sure the ceremony went smoothly, then orchestrated cocktail hour and the reception, making sure every detail was perfect (including making sure the bride and groom actually got a chance to eat!).  Overall, while Betsy was incredibly busy helping everyone all day long, she always seemed to magically be right by my side when I needed her. As silly as it sounds, I truly believe Betsy and Lyndsey are the Mary Poppins of weddings; they are there when you need them then gone once they know their work is done. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any bride wanting to ensure their day goes better than planned!  

~A&C 2013